Thursday, May 22, 2008

#100...AND I'M OUT!!!

Three days ago, the Sun entered Gemini. Wait...maybe it was only two days ago. Whatever. Anyway! Gemini is the sign of being spastic and all over the place and communication and changing your mind constantly and always being of two minds on what better time than to end one blog and begin another! Too bad I began the other when the Sun was still in Taurus, but maybe that just means my next blog won't be as dramatic and guarded as this one (Scorpio!).

Don't forget to send an e-mail my way (baconyum at gmail) so I can give you my new address!

And if not, it's been a fun!

Now it's time to say goodbye... all our companeeeeee...

B-A-C...See you real soon!

O-N-Y...Why? Because we like you!

Um...the rest of the song doesn't fit. Boo!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


During my job hunt, instead of getting people responding to my resume, what do I get? A raise at the job I am trying to leave.

The universe is making it difficult.

I need to get shit loads of hours from Job C over the next month or I'm going to lose my health insurance! GAH!! Another reason why I need a full time job with benefits so I don't have to worry about things like that. I don't think I'll be able to make the hours I need. I need about 100 hours, and I need to do them in about three weeks. That may sound doable, but it's not, especially since I'm transferring to a new store that is opening in two weeks. Yeah. So it will be an insurance-less summer. I wonder what happens to my 401K. Does it just sit there? Can I just leave it there until I can get it back? I'm glad I'm transferring. Hopefully my new manager won't do this to me. I mean, I opened up my availability to weekends just so I could get enough hours for benefits, and what happens? I lose my weekends and my insurance!

I figured since I'm leaving this blog soon, I can afford one more rant.

Don't forget to e-mail me at baconyum at gmail if you want my new blog address (which isn't as bitchy as this one...but you probably like bitchy...maybe I'll throw some bitch in there). Otherwise, it's been fun.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I changed my mind...again!

This is post #98 for this blog, and well, I think I really am done with it. After post #100, it's bye bye Bacon. I've already gotten a new blog over at wordpress. I was planning on posting to both, but yeah, I seriously need to stop spending so much time on the internet. I also got a new profile on 20sb because I don't want my new blog to be associated with this one (when I move, I MOVE!).

After I've left, I will of course still read ya'lls blogs. I'll be commenting with a new name of course. If you want to know my new address and don't want to wait for some random new person to start commenting on your blogs where you'll have to guess if it's me or not (even though it sounds like a fun game), e-mail me at baconyum at gmail.

With that said, if you do have some new random person commenting on your blog, that's probably me, but I won't guarantee it...especially if the person has a picture of herself (or especially himself) for their avatar.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Laughter is the best...exercise plan?

I never thought I would ever be one to say, "Oh, man, I'm getting fat," and actually be serious. I'm definitely being a drama queen here, but I've always been really thin and trying to gain weight so I don't blow away (for reals. That is my actual reason!). My plan didn't quite work out. After years of overeating and not gaining weight, I decided, whatever, I'm ok with who I am. Apparently I'm not! Because over the last couple of years (mostly in the last year), I have been getting quite a gut. I really do look like I'm four months pregnant after I eat. TMI. Whatever.

It's all going to the one place I don't want it to go! Please, fatty tissue, find your way to my ass thanks.

The thing is, I've been trying to exercise some self-control. I'm definitely not overeating anymore, so why the gut?

And then today it hit me.

During college I realized that even though I didn't exercise, I got my work out from everyday things. Mostly I think I kept the weight off because I'm a leg shaker, I sneeze a lot, and I laugh like there's no tomorrow. You'd be surprised at how flat you can keep your stomach by sneezing and laughing. It may sound ridiculous, but you contract your abs when sneezing and sometimes when laughing.

Well, I'm still sneezing, but it occurred to me, I don't laugh as much.

I used to call it my daily dose of laughter, and if I didn't get it, I would seek it out. Over the last year, the phrase "daily dose of laughter" never even entered my mind. It only hit me today that I have definitely not been getting it. I still laugh but not nearly as much as I used to. Where did the laughter go? Is this all a part of the quarter life crisis I thought I had when I was 22? Am I still having it but am in such great denial it took a chubby tummy to wake me up?

When did I get so lazy?? I mean, I've always been a slacker, but somehow my work always got done, but now, I reason myself into not doing things. Like right now I should be doing some job hunting.

You know what? I'll go do that. This is ridiculous. I'm ridiculous. This entry is ridiculous.

Movie Monday: the Demented, the OK, and the Trippy

I have watched a bunch of movies in the past week that I haven't seen before.

First up was Cape Fear. Demented much? While P² and I were watching it, he told me about the parody Fatal Instinct. I definitely want to see that because so far the movies I have seen that it spoofs are damn spoofable. I just hope there is nobody biting off people's faces.

The next night we watched Spy Kids. Big difference, I know! I actually really liked it. Well, I really liked it in comparison to the other movie. If I had seen this as a child, I actually would have had nightmares. Mutated people haunt my subconscious for some reason.

And the following day I watched Adaptation finally. My screenwriting professor recommended it to me like four years ago, and I bought the dvd about a month ago, and I just got around to watching it. Well, I liked it. It wasn't very moving to me, and I can definitely see why a lot of people didn't like it, but the screenplay was very intricate, and that I can appreciate. I love how it kind of makes fun of itself, and it's very unique just like all of Charlie Kauffman's scripts. That's why he's my favourite screenwriter, so how can I not like a movie where he names a character after himself?

That night, P² and I worked on model aliens that he bought for us, so of course we had to watch Alien while doing it. Well, actually we watched Alien³ since we already watched the first two together (you have no idea how many movies he makes me watch). It was...well...I mean...what the hell was that? All three movies have this weird fake ending, like there's a point in the movie where you think that's all there is, but no, it keeps going, and you're like, really? End already! I just don't get movies where it seems really impossible for "Man" to win because he's basically up against this indestructable force, but oh! He wins! Temporarily because of course there will be a sequel.

And then today I went with one of my BFFs to watch Speed Racer. I'm pretty sure the planning meeting for the movie went something like this, "So the character's name is Speed. What do you think of when you think of "speed"? Going fast? Sure. But there's more. Drugs! Yeah, drugs! Ok. There you go. Now run with it!" It's like you're trippin' through the whole movie. Even in the beginning title sequence already you're like Whooooaaaa. There should be a warning for people with epilepsy not to see this movie because they will be in fits after just two seconds. Also, this is the most colourful movie EVER. EVER!!! So of course...I absolutely loved it.

Oh, and as a bonus, for some reason, an usher came in and passed out reentry tickets to everyone. I don't know why, but who cares. Free movie! Woo hoo!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Office Finale

Two finales in one week! And both I had to watch the day after, but oh well.

Ever since the writers' strike ended and the Office came back, it has been...well...lacking. I was hoping for at least a great finale, but after the major blow to Michael and then the one to Jim and Pam, I was like, oh, come on!!!

But then the very last ten seconds made it all worth it. Ooooh scandalous! I can't wait for next season!!

Friday, Finally!

Time for a weekly wrap up of some online thingies I felt like sharing.

"I'm working at the bubble factory right now, but later I'm going to go bobsledding down a rainbow." Haha! I kind of wish that whole article was true. That would be so awesome. Although the Freudian connotations make me think not.

"Frying an onion is the quickest way to make your kitchen smell like dinner." An excellent post by Brandy (It's like I'm... mmmagic!) full of great advice from her mom.

"Sexual double standards are still annoyingly prevalent, and tearing them down has been my personal crusade as a feminist." This was actually posted last week, but I only discovered it this week. I found Jezebel and Slut Machine in particular through "Pot Psychology", which I found through FourFour. See how everything in the universe just unravels itself?

"Every child saved with my help and the help of all the wonderful secret messengers, who today are no longer living, is the justification of my existence on this earth, and not a title to glory." That is a quote from Irena Sendler, who died on Monday. The article talks about the selfless and incredible things she did during World War II. She helped save approximately 2,500 Jewish children during the Holocaust.

Minus the head thing, I really like Sarah Jessica Parker's dress. In fact, it's my favourite out of the four.

Guinness soap! Thanks to Bananas for the heads up. I heart Guinness. It's as close to a Guinness bath as I'm willing to take.

"This is why I drink." I love the catmeo (yeah, you like my made up hybrid word?).

"You're expelled!" Dolce posts about the (hilarious) joys of being married to a sleepwalker.

Oh, and one more thing that I didn't record the link for (sorry!), but I MUST mention, how cute (and fabulous!) was Ellen's announcement on her show for plans marry Portia?

I'm sure Roland would agree with me in telling the haters to fuck off.